Will the Legend run Android 4.0? Maybe.

My Android building machine features an

  • Intel Core i7 870 @ 2.93GHz with
  • 8GB of RAM building to a
  • 1TB hard disk (RAID 1 array) running
  • Debian Unstable/Experimental.

I tried to compile 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich from CM sources (but still rather vanilla) on my machine today.

Except for lib32ncurses5-dev that was missing here – don’t ask me why, maybe “apt-get autoremove” is to blame – and a quite unnecessary Java compiler check (OpenJDK is perfectly capable of building Android) I did not run into any problems at all.

I can’t tell you what this “You’ll need at least 128GB of RAM and a quadruple i7 Extreme setup” was all about but I can definitely say that my machine never used the swapfile during the whole process. It did not even hit 6GB RAM. Maybe because I’m not using ccache?

The resulting file’s size is about 100 MB zipped, extracted about 140MB (only files going to /system). The system partition on my Legend (stock partition layout) is 240MB, so ICS should fit without problems, even after CM treatment.

$ time make -j8 otapackage
real   36m6.559s
user   196m32.677s
sys    10m19.084s

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2 thoughts on “Will the Legend run Android 4.0? Maybe.”

  1. Curious, did you manage to get it to run on your Legend?

    Any comparisons to CM7 would also be more than welcome, which to prefer?

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