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AJAXed Twitter Plugin for WordPress

Ricardo González wrote a nice plugin for WordPress that displays the public timeline of a twitter account in your WordPress theme.

Though the plugin works I found two major problems:

  • Sometimes Twitter doesn’t provide the timeline at first request.
  • Embedding it in your theme significantly slows down loading of the blog.

I came up with a solution to both of them (featuring MooTools or jQuery support) using XMLHttpRequest.

Basically all it does is wait until the page is loaded and then request the tweets. If Twitter decides not to provide the timeline, the request is sent again until a configurable number of retries is reached.

There are two ways to use this plugin:

  1. Configure it manually (see how-to below)
  2. Use it as a widget (version two and above)

If you use it as widget, simply use the management functionality for widgets provided by WordPress. Otherwise (if your theme doesn’t support widgets for example) you can set also it up manually as I did on this blog (because I use MooTools here).
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