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Octave and LaTeX – Love at first Sight

While working on a concept and draft for my bachelor thesis I decided I wanted charts. Bar charts, line charts, multiple line charts, you get the point.

Now, if you tried to include images in a LaTeX document you probably know already that resolution matters. A lot. You want your printed document to look nice and professional so you can be proud of it, but its charts are all blurry and pixelated. Even worse, you rendered your charts with a random tool of your choice and they look great but the fonts don’t match the target document’s, they don’t scale (because they are part of the image).

Well, at least those were my problems. Then I discovered output modes of Octave. In tex output mode it generates two files: an encapsulated postscript (.eps) and a LaTeX document. Just include (\import or whatever you want to use) the latter in your main document and marvel at the astonishing results!

Here’s my Octave function generating three graphs in one plot. You can call it like that: Continue reading Octave and LaTeX – Love at first Sight