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Well, some sync today

After getting an Android phone and blogging about it’s lack of synchronisation options in Gnome I was finally able to make some progress.

The answer is GCALDaemon which can read Evolution’s .ics-files (even the locally cached ones from my university) and copy the events within to Google Calendar.

Combining it with my Notification Server you can use “bin/sync-now.sh” in a script and even get a nice notification after running it (for example a few minutes after logging in).

Not the best solution (I’d rather skip one step and write directly to my Legend), but usable nevertheless.

Android – No sync today…

Yesterday I got my first phone with Android, the HTC Legend. While I really love it so far, there is one big issue, that turned out to be a complete mess in Linux: Syncing it with Evolution.

Apparently there are no solutions at all that allow you to conveniently plug in the phone and push calendar events, contacts or notes.

After following some traces here’s my disappointed summary:


Complete mess in Debian (maybe Ubuntu as well). After checking out all the repositories and building libopensync1 from svn still no clue how to use it with Evolution.


Android doesn’t understand it out of the box.
Funambol doesn’t sync anything besides contacts.
Synthesis costs money, but can be evaluated 30 days. Once I get a SyncML running here, I could give it a try.

HTC Sync

No idea which protocol it uses, but I can’t get SynCE for OpenSync (for blind trial and error) working here anyway. Some obscure python errors in OpenSync to blame.


Help, I need somebody, help…