Release candidates, anyone?

Yes, you might already know: the CyanogenMod project is nearing release 6.1.

Looking at the changelog from 6.0 to 6.1 one has to say that teamdouche did an outstanding job. Officially supporting the Legend is only a very small part of it.

I’m actually quite proud that everything is working perfectly by now, no bugs or annoyances. CM nightly builds (from my own machine – that’s openness!) have been the main and only operating system on my Legend for three months now.

If I can get my hands on the Aria/Gratia 2.2 update and test the camera libraries then 6.1 will most likely ship with those (provided they work correctly) and I’ll try to port the kernel as well (once HTC releases it, which normally takes some time).

Exciting days to come…

3 thoughts on “Release candidates, anyone?”

  1. I’ve just recently tried Azure 1.0.1, it was great, and the camera was functional! However, I had some problems getting downloads to start from the market (even with the GTalk trick and such). But I did this moments before seeing that CyanogenMod 6.1 came out. So now, I’m really looking forward to seeing your next version for the Legend. I also hope flash will be available for the Legend soon as well. Thanks for your continuing effort!

  2. Azure 1.0.1, camera works (minor bugs), everything’s fine!
    Great job, man, you’re the best!

    How can I donate you a beer?

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