Curing a Legend

Google’s Android platform is mostly great, but it does have a serious problem:

Manufacturers can’t keep their fingers off the interface.

This produces systems that do not even look like Android (and, as with Sony’s, annoy everyone), sometimes even worse than that.

Apart from awful Android skinning there is a new trend and light in the darkness for us purists: Android vanillaizing!

It’s software dermatologists devoting their precious nights and sleep to finding the cure to Android acne. In the case of the HTC Legend (comes with Sense) I was able to compile and tweak the Android Open Source project. Later I decided to start porting (and patching, where necessary) the famous CyanogenMod, which I’m using on my phone right now.

Beans, anyone?

Find first beta versions of my port called “Indigo Bean” and updates and bug reports on xda-developers.

Since we’ve got support by koush’ outstanding ROM-Manager the recommended method to install it (after rooting your phone) is getting this app via the Android market and downloading “Indigo Bean”. Just a few clicks (taps!) and you are set to enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Curing a Legend”

  1. Thanks for the fastest Legend ROM out there!
    I downloaded the Azure 6.0.0 and flashed it on my legend.
    It works great but I am missing the market app, and I am not able to create an google account.

    can you help me out?

    best regards!

  2. Really great to have somebody porting the CM Project to the Legend!! Love the device and combined with this ROM it´s awesome!!


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