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Hi! Nothing to see here. Please go to hell.

I recently added a dyndns entry to enable remote access to my home PC. After about five minutes my firewall blocked the first access attempts to telnet (do intelligent people still use that?) and ssh. Strange, as I didn’t publish that DNS entry at all.

Anyway, let me welcome my first three scanners from, and You don’t win anything though.

Finally done

After intensive redesign of and the decision to drop dasSchandblatt (my old blog) in the near future, my new website goes on-line today. I still have to test and complete the layout for Internet Explorer though.

This blog will be about OpenSource, web-development and computer stuff mostly.

Have fun!

Update: IE8 was no problem at all, IE7 a little bit and, no, for a private “fun”-page I’ll never do IE6-support again. Even if it was easy. This website “needs” transparent .png-graphics because it’s much easier for me to use the alpha-channel instead of fixed graphics.