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Logitech Performance MX in Linux

I’ll keep it short: After being inspired by this blog post I decided it was about time the “Performance MX” got support for setting its DPI value in Linux.

After some USB sniffing and poking at a few registers I was successful. Compile the following code with
“gcc -o performance_mx_dpi performance_mx_dpi.c -lusb-1.0 –std=c99”.
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All Blue

Finally done!

After some weeks of heavy development and testing I released Azure 1.0, codename for my port of the famous CyanogenMod 6.0.0 for the HTC Legend.

Bringing you Froyo faster than HTC with nearly all the features you might expect (except for FM radio of course) feels really amazing.

Multiple Twitters

Ben Morrow contacted me some time ago asking me to look into some problems he had with my AJAXed Twitter plugin for WordPress.

AJAXed Twitter was never meant to be used with more than one account, so his request was not a bug, but a design flaw. Yesterday I took the chance and completely rewrote the plugin part, using WordPress’ great 2.8 API (piece of cake!).

Be sure to check it out.

A notification server in Python

I decided to learn Python two days ago. Partly because I wanted a quick solution to a problem (and writing C always takes me so long), but also because I’ve read a lot of positive comments about it.

The problem

What I wanted was to get rid of the old gnome-osd stuff and beautify the visual output of some shortcut-scripts I use (more about that later). I found out I needed a script that can display notifications (using Ubuntu’s notify-osd) and provide that functionality for other scripts with D-Bus. Continue reading A notification server in Python